Singing in the Rain – Kate and Bob

Even in the height of British summer, there is always a chance that the heavens will open during your day. Kate and Bob were married at the St George Church in Campden Hill before arriving with their guests to hold their marquee wedding reception inside the Chaplain’s Walled Garden here at Fulham Palace. This stunningly styled wedding had one of the best atmospheres we’ve ever experienced, despite the almost constant deluge. It just goes to show that come rain or shine, the happier the guests, the happier the atmosphere.

We received this lovely thank you note from Kate and Bob: “Bob and I were absolutely thrilled with the way the day went yesterday – largely thanks to you and your staff. It was just fabulous from start to finish and the food was simply first class. A good number of people made a point of commenting on how excellent it was – as indeed it was! We will be in touch upon our return from honeymoon but until then, just wanted to send a note of thanks to you personally for all your help, advice, steering and patience. As Bob (so politely!) put it – your words have had a remarkably palliative effect on me during the build-up and for that we are both particularly grateful! Warmest regards Mr & Mrs Mc”

How do you ensure great wedding photography like this on such a wet day? Photographer Kerry Morgan took the incredible shots below. She outlined how lighting from EffectEvent made up for the weather when it came to capturing perfect photography. “People often think that great photographs are made with great locations – great locations can no doubt help but great light is far more important. Give me light over location any day of the week! We did not have the luxury of beautiful weather – it poured with rain for the entire day and none of the pictures (apart from the brides arrival!) were shot outside. So in order to create something with the Wow factor, I had to think outside the box. The great combination of artificial coloured light and candles inspired me this week. If you’re having a winter wedding – invest in these things and it really won’t matter what goes on outside.”

Great lighting can ensure fantastic photos whatever the weather. This lighting is by EffectEvent.

Top table flowers inside the marquee, dusky pinks with bright zinging greens

We love the creative use of rosehips, apples, wire work and glassware.

The Chaplain’s Garden Marquee lit at night. You wouldn’t even know it was raining!

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