My six favourite shots – by Lloyd Dobbie

Lloyd Dobbie has become one of our favourite photographers to work with here at the palace. So you can get a better idea of his work we have asked him to comment on photos from his six favourite shoots. These photos are not just those from Fulham Palace but of his work worldwide. It’s often useful when choosing a photographer to get an insight into their background work and previous bridal shoots as they tend to be representative of their overall style. However it is also important to remember that wedding photos are unique to the occasion, the story, and the couple and therefore no two photos are ever the same. Here they are,



Although this is a fairly straight forward photograph for me, on this occasion there was a little more pressure to capture the image.

The groom is golfer and Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomery and the wedding was held at Loch Lomond golf course in front of around 300 guests.

The couple wanted as little media coverage as possible but had agreed to release one image for use in the printed press. It was decided that the shot they all wanted was the newlyweds coming down the aisle; one that I’d done it a hundred times before but obviously I had to get it right first time as asking for a re-take was not an option.

This image ran in ‘OK’, ‘Hello’ and most of the next day’s Sunday papers.



I love the joy of this shot. Tessa was arriving at Syon Park for her wedding and is looking at her bridesmaids who are all screaming with delight!



This was shot in Rome at a wedding I covered a few summers ago. Because the cathedral is so large I managed to find this unusual viewpoint; most church wedding photography is from behind the Priest or looking up the aisle at the couple. Here I have a great view of the bride and groom and also the Priest, choir and orchestra.



One of my favourite group photographs. Although this all French wedding was shot in Central London it could easily be set in a Gallic village somewhere. I like the fact that there are lots of different relationships going on; the two ladies on the front row sharing an aside particularly amuses me.



Here my bride sits patiently in her wedding car waiting for an usher to give her the all clear to enter the ceremony room.

I can’t help wondering what she was thinking at this moment but she seems very calm, serene and ready to start the next chapter in her life.



This photograph is all about lighting. It was shot in the Orangery in Holland Park a venue I love because of its wonderful natural light. The bride here has just married and is sat waiting to sign the register. The white flowers, dress and background all combine to create a soft flattering feel to the image.

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