An interview with Lloyd Dobbie

Lloyd Dobbie is one of our tried and tested Photographers here at the Palace and quickly became one of our most loved. His style reflects elegance and his photos tell a story of the couple’s day from start to finish. Although Lloyd does spend time with couples taking those all important romantic portraits he likes to capture the moments as they happen. Below he states that his goal for a wedding shoot is to capture the bride looking happy and beautiful – isn’t that what everyone wants from their wedding photos. Lloyd has become increasingly popular for couple’s here at the Palace as he has a wonderful way of connecting with the couple and building a rapport. Wedding photos are some of the most important pictures you could perhaps capture in someone’s life, it is important that Bride and Groom feel relaxed and comfortable around their photographer in order to capture the true story behind their day – this is something that Lloyd seems to have perfected. If you would like to get to know him on a more personal level keep reading…

Have you always been a wedding photographer?

I have been photographing weddings for about 15 years. Before that I worked in editorial photography, mostly for fashion and hairdressing magazines.

If not what did you do before?

See above

Why/how did you get into wedding photography?

I used to do one or two weddings a year, mostly for clients or friends etc. Eventually I was being asked to do more and more. This was in the early days of the reportage style and there were only a handful of us shooting that way so once the word spread I quickly became very busy.

Is photography your only job?


Where do you get your inspiration from?

From many sources, I find inspiration in anything creative. It can be music, literature or the visual arts. I visit galleries as often as I can, not just the large ones but the smaller niche ones too.

How long does it take to edit the photos from a wedding?

LOL, too long! I’m very pedantic sometimes and there’s always a temptation to keep working on a particular image. However, I do believe that a lot of the creative side of wedding photography happens in the editing and post processing of the images. I would typically spend around 8-10 hours shooting a wedding and around the same time afterwards on processing.

How do you stay fresh and not just do the same thing every time?

It’s not as difficult as you might think. Every wedding is unique; I may be photographing ‘Romeo & Juliet’ every week, and often at the same theatre, but the cast (and in particular the two stars) are always different!

Why do you think clients choose you over others?

Because they like the style of my work and they have confidence in my experience and ability. But almost as important a factor will be personality; it’s essential that a bride has a rapport with her photographer and feels comfortable spending her wedding day with that person.

What’s the best thing you have experienced at a wedding – what’s wowed you and provided that ultimate wedding image?

Without a doubt exchanging vows with my wife.

And what’s the worst thing that ever happened?

Well, no runaway brides or anything like that. But there have been a few collapsing wedding cakes, the odd drunken priest and a wedding where not two but three female guests all turned up in the same outfit!

Weddings are like life; in the end you remember more of the highs than the lows.

What to clients get at the end  – a disc, a set – options???

My clients always get a disc containing their wedding images although I’m now moving over to Internet download as a form of delivery. They also have the option of prints and a choice of albums.

Do you think a beautiful album is essential?

Yes, I do and I try to convince my clients of this. Not all of them invest in an album (around 70% do) but I still believe it is the best way to showcase their wedding photographs.

How do you describe your style?

I believe my work has a simplicity and elegance to it, which is emphasised by my use of as much available light as possible. I prefer to blend in and capture the story of the wedding day as it happens but I also enjoy spending a little time with my clients capturing some gorgeous portraits.

It’s my goal to capture my brides looking happy and beautiful on their wedding day.

What do you think makes a great wedding?

A great venue, great food and, of course, great photography to capture it all. But ultimately all weddings are the story of the bride and groom; their friends, their families and their life together.

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