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Blush Pink Flower Power

Blush Pink flowers, long sash windows, & floods of natural daylight made for a beautiful styled shoot at Fulham Palace. We have been lucky enough to work with one of London’s most reputable florists, Mary Jane Vaughan and her team for many years now. The quality of their work is nothing less than outstanding so it…  Read More


Winter Flower Guide – by Jay Archer

Jay Archer is an award winning florist famed for her creative and contemporary designs Here is her advice on which flowers to choose for a winter  wedding. Here is my short guide to winter flowers, as if you haven’t been inspired enough already! You can see more winter flowers and the colours on my…  Read More

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Spring Wedding Flowers – by Jay Archer

Jay Archer is an award winning florist famed for her creative and contemporary designs Here is her advice on which flowers to choose for a spring wedding. As the first snowdrops push up through the hard ground, and the trees start to produce their first waxy red buds that will undoubtedly unfurl into the…  Read More

Fuham Palace London Wedding Venue Jay Archer Spring Wedding Flowers

Dressing Your Tables – by Jay Archer

Florist Jay Archer is not only famed for her stunning flower arrangements but for the decorative inspiration she is able to offer Bride’s throughout the rest of the day. Beyond table topping flowers there are plenty of other ways you can add to a blank table cloth, see what she has to say… It’s the little…  Read More

Fulham Palace Weddings London Venue Napkin Decor Jay Archer

Summer Flower Guide – by Jay Archer

There’s possibly no better season than Summer to be considering your wedding flowers and as expert floral designer  Jay Archer so rightly puts it “everything is possible”. Summer is rich, lush and green; you can play with every colour, every flower and every style possible! It’s a season of decadence, romance and, hopefully, sunshine. Outdoor receptions…  Read More

Fulham Palace Wedding Venue London Summer Flowers Jay Archer

Marquee Flower Ideas – by Jay Archer

The Chaplain’s Garden Marquee is where you really need to focus your attention. Here are my tips for dressing the marquee: Avoid White I always try and advise clients to steer clear of white flowers in a marquee, unless you are using equal amounts of fresh, lively green to lift it. You really need colour…  Read More

Fulham Palace London Wedding Venue Marquee Jay Archer

Winter Wedding Bouquet Inspiration – by Jay Archer

Winter might seem like a barren month but in fact it is a great opportunity to be creative with your wedding flowers. Some of the best bouquets include twigs, frosted fruits, dried seed heads and succulents. Maybe not the first ideas that spring to mind when thinking of your wedding flowers, and think of winter…  Read More

Fulham Palace Wedding Venue Winter Bouquet

Autumnal Inspiration – by Mary Jane Vaughan

Autumn is often a season where only a few colours spring to mind, rich rustic palettes of orange and red seem the most appropriate to match the season. Fulham Palace florist Mary Jane Vaughan offers some alternative approaches to flower arrangements than the traditional ensemble of flora… Many Summer flowers actually continue flowering into Autumn….  Read More

Fulham Palace Wedding Venue London Flowers Mary Jane Vaughan

Wonderful Winter Flowers – by Mary Jane Vaughan

There is no season more appropriate for the current climate than winter. Once again we have been in touch with Fulham Palace wedding florist Mary Jane Vaughan to assist us with our education on winter flower arrangements. We can often be stumped with creativity when considering winter arrangements but Mary Jane Vaughan and her expertise…  Read More

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