When you can’t entertain your guests, Kru Talent can!

With such a variety of entertainment options Kru Talent have so much to tell us about choosing the right entertainment for your big day. Of course your guests will be having a blast regardless but some unique entertainment can always make for a more memorable evening. Wedding entertainment will traditionally come in the form of a singer or a live band but there are so many options – and guest interaction is always a bonus.

Kru Talent tell us a little bit about choosing a magician for your wedding, with a number of reputable magicians in their books from the magic circle, its bound to be a decision you wont regret!

“Believe it not, not every magician bops out the same Queen of Hearts card trick at every event! The Magic Circle is actually a place which encourages artists to be daring, try new things and enthral their audiences in any fit state they deem possible. Magicians; like most tradesmen, have to keep up to date with the current market. They must be aware of trends, be incorporating technology into their performances and be one step ahead of their audience.

Here are KruTalent we have the joy of #TalentThursdays, an hour slot where we invite magicians and other talented artists to come in and meet the team. In recent months we have had an array of magicians; pioneers, newcomers, double acts and The Three Magicians, in the studio amazing us with their enchanting presence. So, what we can tell you about the choices available?

A close-up walkabout magician greeting all of your guests is a great option for a wedding reception or an event where a talking point would be beneficial. This is by far the most requested magician and what we describe as a good ‘all-rounder’. Perfect for all audience demographics: large groups, small groups, young, old and middle aged, any event will benefit with one of these.

However, are you a regular at networking events? Or an event organiser yourself- is a close-up magician now old hat for you? If so a post-dinner stage magician may be more suited. KruTalent have shortlisted 3 fantastic cabaret style magicians for 2014; pick pocketing and misdirection are the hypnotic features here, each guaranteed to intrigue even the coolest of characters. Whether you choose one, two or 3 stage magicians, your audience will be captivated from the word ‘ta dah!’

Derren Brown burst onto our TV screens back in 2000 and ever since the art of ‘mind reading’ has become an integral and well known part of a magicians work. Wowing your audience with unexpected illusions will simply never fail to impress. If this clever form of magic is something you know your guests will be talking about, and trying to suss out for months to come, then this is the option for you.

Is your husband-to-be a gadget nut? Are card tricks really too immature for his technical mind? If so we bring you the iPad magician! Performing close-up magic with the use of phones, tablets and laptops, iPad magicians have really raised the standards in the past few years.  (and Apple is absolutely loving it!!)

Let’s face it, whichever option you decide is best suited for you audience, magicians always raise a sizeable smile. They are cheeky, shrewd and intelligent creatures who truly know how to engage and connect with their audience.  For pure amazement and truly lasting memories, we advise you to jump on in and book one up!”

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