A New Breed of Wedding DJs…Meet the Wedding Smashers!

Made up of seven DJs who are as at home on the Ibiza stage as they are at Fulham Palace, the Wedding Smashers are dedicated to playing quality music at weddings across London and beyond. They’ve played for brands such as Versace and Urban Outfitters, and rest assured there won’t be a rendition of the Macarena in sight

Managing Directors Max & Dan tell us more!

1) What do you love most about your line of work and the wedding industry in particular?

We get to be part of the happiest day of someone’s life and play music we love!

2) We like to think we throw a good party at the Palace, do you have any fond memories of particularly fun clients?

One particularly raucous wedding ended with someone filling the Fulham Palace Fountain with bubble bath… I’m sure you can picture the soapy scenes that unfolded.

3) How much do you work towards trying to help and guide clients choose their wedding music selection?

Choosing the right playlist for your wedding is so important, we always suggest meeting in person to discuss the music for the night, it’s much more effective than just submitting a playlist. It’s also good to not be too safe with the song selection, a few curve balls are essential for a memorable party!

4) What do you think makes you different from other entertainment companies out there?

We’ve always played an eclectic set and enjoy both selecting the right records for the moment and the technical side of DJ’ing. Bringing this technical ability to a wedding has made a refreshing change from your stereotypical wedding DJ. All our DJs regularly play at clubs, festivals and events all over the world, so we like to think of ourselves as DJ’s that play at weddings not Wedding DJs.


5) We know you can also provide the DJ booth, lighting and other props, can you
tell us a bit more about what you offer?

We can provide everything from bespoke 1st dance ‘Wed-its & Smash-ups’ to 6ft Taxidermy bears!

6) What are your favourite tunes to play at a wedding?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder
Call Me Al by Paul Simon
Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac

7) Which song would you hope to never play again?

The Macarena


8) What’s your top tip for keeping the dance floor packed?

A fun mix of music… but that goes with out saying. It makes a HUGE difference to the party atmosphere if the Bride & Groom are on the dance floor with their guests!

9) Have you seen a change in the trend of wedding parties over the years, if so, where do see them heading?

On the whole couples are much more music savvy and are drawing inspiration from their favourite club night or festival… which is good for us as we love to party!


For more information, visit www.weddingsmashers.com






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