A guaranteed wow at your wedding

This month’s feature from Kru Talent includes Electric Violinists, Video 360 Booths and The Lightning Lords. For a guaranteed wow at your wedding keep reading to find out more… or

Wow factor entertainment!?

So you want to add that extra WOW factor to your event? You want to make sure your guests are talking about the wedding of the century for years to come? Well here at KruTalent we know just how to do this and have a great collection of WOW factor acts to help you achieve this.

“WOW is an expression of astonishment and admiration; something which impresses and excites someone greatly!”

A violinist is a traditional option at a wedding and a perfect accompaniment, but why not WOW up this traditional custom? Our Mirrored Light Violinist is one of a kind, actually she is the only Mirrored Light Violinist in the world! A mesmerising combination of sound and beauty she combines sumptuous electric violin playing with thousands of tiny mirrors to produce an intensely captivating performance. And if that wasn’t enough, she can further stun a crowd by going aerial…yep, whilst still playing from above! Now we can’t imagine your Aunt Maize or Cousin Caroline forgetting that too quickly! 

Or how about a Video 360? Our Video 360 is only ever used in film productions or to showcase Hollywood gowns on the red carpet; the 360 booth has 32 digital SLR cameras integrated into a 6m diameter frame. Its computer controlled to shoot simultaneously and capture every angle of the subject in a split second! Super-fast image processors then seamlessly merge the images into an amazing video showing the full 360˚ rotation which can be uploaded and shared online within seconds.

Ok so you’re not impressed, you REALLY want to show off to your friends and family, well we have the act for you.  A once in a lifetime experience, the maddest human performance you’ll ever see *drum roll please* ‘The Lords of Lightning.’ Harnessing 4 million volts of raw electricity into a mystical flow of oscillating chaos ‘The Lords of Lightning’ are able to launch any occasion into the realms of sizzling myth with their awe inspiring and aesthetically breath-taking live performances- now that’s seriously WOW!

Other WOW factor acts include giant helium balloons filled with acrobats flying across the sky, the World’s First DJ Drummer, 7 LED theatrical drummers flash mobbing your garden party and a 9ft robot stormtrooping through your guests will full power production and personalised audio!

With incredible acts taking centre stage on TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent, in hand with fast technical advancements, KruTalent are always taking the right steps to be ahead of the game.  Having worked in the industry with a diverse range of clients, we understand the need to continually keep things fresh. New, exciting and invigorating entertainment is always requested and means acts need to be bigger and better year on year.  We pride ourselves on keeping up with current trends and cutting edge entertainment options ready to offer you the next WOW factor surprise for your wedding or event. To find the right act for you, drop us a line to pick our forever developing industry brains on the next WOW.


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