Peboryon – Luxury Cornish cake in the heart of London

Over the past year the story of a luxury Cornish cake company who deliver to the heart of London has been attracting all the right kind of attention. With a focus on quality ingredients from organic Cornish farms, dairies, and even hedgerows, their bold uncomplicated flavours are garnering glowing reviews from private and corporate clients throughout the capital.

“What I love about Christine’s cakes is you can almost taste the individual ingredients – so buttery and rich in colour from the amazing eggs she uses.

Amazing baking always starts with the freshest and best quality ingredients.

I have had the pleasure of tasting many of Christine’s cakes with clients – If I had to choose my favourite it would be so difficult as they are all so moist and delicious.

If pushed….. it would be her lemon layer cake which is laced with her hand foraged elderflower – rich, yet light and so so tasty!

Highly recommended.” Julie Gray (Events Director, Fulham Palace)

But how is this possible? … and why is this unusual name surfacing at every turn?

In order to be helpful, first a language lesson. To say the name, think of pebbles and a story on a beach. Peb-ory-on. Not so complicated after all! The name of this luxury cake business is the Cornish word for baker.

Given that so much of attention with wedding cakes is on the external look and finish, it is such a relief to have a team that is as passionate about great taste as great design.

“For many people, this is the most they will ever spend on a cake, and so we are absolutely committed to making sure each and every bite tastes amazing!”

Christine Jensen (Director)

But how do the cakes get to London? Well, in exactly the same way that fresh Cornish seafood, butter and beer gets to London.  On the Cornish Express. With regular deliveries throughout the week, bespoke cakes (of up to four tiers) are hand delivered from the platform to the party by a trusted courier (named Brian), who has the key to a dedicated compartment on the Penzance to Paddington service. Brian’s company are specialists in moving fragile objects, and deliver their precious cargo via an electric van the day before the party. This gives Peboryon surely the lowest carbon footprint of any luxury cake maker in London.

At the heart of Peboryon there is a strong service reputation, and a commitment to discretion. The team take time to hear and understand each client, and create artistic designs that showcase each unique celebration. Their cakes are as individual as their clients. A Tasting & Consultation can be booked by arrangement with one of the team either in London or Cornwall.

If you prefer to sample Peboryon’s luxury cornish cake without booking a consultation, two of their flavours (one Gluten Free) are available any day of the week from Worshop Coffee outlets, in Marlybone, Holburn and Fitzrovia. Otherwise, email cake@peboryon.com or call 07807 153 091.

To find out more, visit the Peboryon website at www.peboryon.com

See below for some of Peboryon’s fantastic creations …..

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